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AG Body Inc. is dedicated to designing and manufacturing a variety of specialized and standard tool storage products. by combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, we are able to offer a quality line of truck equipment products tailored to our customer’s needs. The AG Body product line includes a selection of size-to-fit drawers, bolt bins, chests, cabinets, and boxes along with standard tool storage items.

We utilize only the highest grade materials available in the construction of our products. From the sheet metal to the finishing hardware, AG Body products offer durability and value. Carefully designed order forms help your specify and transmit your order to us. Our computer systems then create CAD drawings and CAM data directly from your order form. Modern CNC machinery is used to precisely shear and form the sheet metal parts. An experienced craftsman is then assigned to weld, fit and assemble the parts. Final quality control inspection is performed and all documentation is preserved for future reference.

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Our truck bed tool boxes are made from materials that are designed to last for years. You can find a tool box for your truck bed in various shapes and sizes, as well as models that come equipped with drawer, bins, and more.

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